Surprisingly, the only company showing off a high tech toilet at CES this year is Takagi Industrial. Their seat washes (with heated, pressure adjustable water), it dries (with warm air), it even deodorizes (uhh, with deodorizer). Like similar models from other companies, it also includes a soft-close lid and heated seat, self-cleaning nozzles and 'antibacterial' plastic. Installation is only slightly more complicated than the average toilet seat, requiring an electrical outlet and a link to the flush valve with a screw on octopus.

I've had a similar model from Toto for about a year now, and I like it...

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The most spoiling feature of these things is the heated toilet seat. Trust me, a nice warm toilet seat is like a hug for your butt on those cold winter mornings. Toilet seats like these are a way of life in Japan. Based on the reactions I saw from the CES-ers, it'll be a while before there's much market penetration for such things in America. The general attitude towards them is positive, but people really don't seem to care enough to spend the money for a butt-washer.

Available in 3 models: The Tres Bien with remote control for one-piece toilets, $997. The T-F100 for two piece toilets is $697 and the basic Warm Seat for $150.

Fresh Seat [Product Page]