Take a Very Cheap Trip Around the World Using Over 3,300 Google Maps Screenshots

Planning a trip is tiring, but planning a trip around the world is exhausting. Aren’t vacations supposed to be relaxing? Instead, save yourself a bunch of time, stress, and money by visiting some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations through this impressive hyperlapse video. It’s assembled from 3,305 Google Maps screenshots, so strap in and get ready to armchair cruise.

After spending two whole days capturing the Google Maps screenshots using Chrome’s developer tools—which remove all of the distracting on-screen features—Matteo Archondis then had to track and stabilize each frame sequence to create the illusion of a smooth timelapse clip.


The post-production required an entire week to get all of the Google Maps screenshots assembled and smoothed out, which sounds like a lot of work for a faked vacation. Still, it’s sure saved us a lot of time and money!

[YouTube via PetaPixel]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Grammar question here. At the end of the video (2:20), it says “Every frame of this video was shot manually using nothing else than Google Earth”. Is that correct? I figured it should be “....nothing else but Google Earth”