Takashi Miike's New Movie About an Immortal Samurai Looks Bananas

Image: Magnet
Image: Magnet

When a director has made 100 films, calling him or her “immortal” isn’t a stretch. That work will live forever. So it’s fitting that, for his 100th film, director Takashi Miike made a film about an immortal samurai warrior seeking revenge against impossible odds.


It’s called Blade of the Immortal and a brand new, red-band trailer was just released. “Red-band” means there’s plenty of bodies being sliced, impaled, disemboweled, and just about anything else you can do to human flesh with a bevy of awesome-looking bladed weapons. Check it out.

As seen in that trailer, the story in Blade of the Immortal is of a samurai warrior incapable of dying who is sought out by a girl seeking revenge. The two then team up, hoping not just to get revenge, but also mortality.

Written and directed by Miike, the film opens November 3, but will premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX in September. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on that.



What? Nobody heard of the excellent manga???

And yes, I was not expecting the swastika (it really is an ancient symbol, much older than the ones the Nazis corrupted) on his back either...