Other videos from other anti-trans folks on social media claim they want to “expose” Target, along with its managers and employees, for their “satanic pride shrines for children.” The twerps in the video also claimed they liked to go on “hunting expeditions” for people in the LGBTQ community. The account that shared the video, PatriotTakes, claims the two were connected to the Groyper movement, namely the followers of far-right provocateur Nick Fuentes.

Tweets and other social posts from folks running in transphobic and MAGA circles online were celebrating Target’s capitulation as a victory. The right-wing furor matched the recent online campaigns against Bud Light and its maker Anheuser-Busch. The beer company sent a single, personalized can of Bud Light to a transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, leading to a boycott. Though in the end, the far-right trolls don’t accomplish much with their limp acts of hate. Ad experts have told AP that despite the hubbub, inclusive ads make businesses money. Simply put, if you’re willing to sell products to diverse groups, more people are willing to buy those goods.