Guitar players, you'll love this little Tascam MP-GT1 Portable Memory Guitar Trainer, an MP3 player that's also ideal for some serious woodshedding. You can plug in your ax and play along with up to 240 songs you can store on it, slowing down the music so you can play along. Hey, now you can learn new licks at your own speed while the pitch stays the same. Or, you can change the pitch to whatever key you prefer and adjust the speed to your liking at the same time.

It gets better. There's also a guitar canceling capability that substitutes your playing instead. It'll help you keep time with its metronome, and it also has a tuner built-in to keep that intonation on the straight and narrow. No pricing was announced, but it'll be available first in Japan at the end of this month. Man, I wish I would have had one of these when I was a beginner guitarist.


Tascam MP-GT1 [Far East Gizmos]