Tazer Gloves: DIY and Fight Crime for $20

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We'd all like to be superheroes, but none of us are getting any stronger by sitting our asses in front of our beautiful, baby blog. That's ok — you can follow this instructables.com tutorial to make your own Tazer gloves for $20 dollars worth of rubber gloves, tin foil, some AA batteries, and a disposable camera. Has a 300 volt standard mode, and a supercharged jolt that is "much more painful."


Tazer Gloves, Video, Instructions, and Photos [ instructables.com ]



I already had the technology developed for this back in high school, only on a much larger scale. It is powered by AA's and roughly 2000uf capacitance @ 350VDC.

<img src="[www.juxentente.com]"


<img src="[www.juxentente.com]"


I never made a glove though, but I'm thinking about doing so for halloween next year, after upgrading it.