TDK 3-Speaker Boombox: Oh. Hell. Yes.

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Rememeber TDK? They made the blank tapes you used for those mix tapes that creeped out all the ladies in highschool. Well they're getting the brand back together, baby! With gear hot enough that it might even help you score.


The appropriately named 3-Speaker Boombox is a tasteful blend of early-80's swagger and new-school ass-kickery. The center speaker is a dedicated subwoofer, while the two cones that flank it pump out the midrange. But check it: Those drivers are edge-driven, leaving the center sections open to accommodate a pair of sweet sweet tweeters that sing out the high-register with plenty of pluck. (Note: we haven't tested this thing YET, but it sounded pretty decent.)

The Boombox will USB-slurp tracks right off your iPod, or happily accept a stereo minijack or a pair of RCA plugs. And if you're feeling like a jam session, you can plug in an instrument via a quarter-inch jack and play along to whatever's flowing through the other sources, mixing the level of your licks according to your skillz with an integrated level control. Solid.


But the best part: The backside bay built to house 12 D-cell batteries. For rocking the block. Just like the good old days.

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