Teac CD-X10i Rocks the Flat Speakers and CD, a Decade Late

If you ever find yourself with a hankering for CDs again, this Teac CD-X10i might crank out enough tunes to float your boat. Those flat speakers, each driven by 5 watts o' juice, aren't going to rock the Casbah, but they might be sufficient to wake you up in the morning with the system's alarm clock. They don't look too shabby, either. Besides that CD music, you can tune in FM and plug in your iPod, too. Look at another pic, and more of my guff, too.


It's shipping next month in Japan for the US equivalent of around $240, but there's no word on whether it will make it to US shores anytime soon. But CDs? C'mon. If they would just give this baby Wi-Fi capability so we could let it grab music from all the other PCs on our network, we just might feign interest.

Teac CD-X10i CD system with iPod dock [Newlaunches]

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