Teacher Confronts High School Student Armed With Bombs, a Chainsaw and a Sword

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No doubt weighed down by his aresenal of 10 pipe bombs, a chainsaw and a sword with a 2-foot blade, a disturbed 17-year old's plan to wreak havoc in a San Mateo, CA high school was thwarted by a teacher.

Shortly after two pipe bombs were detonated in Hillsdale High School, English language development teacher Kennet Santana tackled the boy—pinning him down with the help of a few other members of the faculty until the police arrived. Not surprisingly, the kid is being described as "quiet," "shy," and "reclusive." It's always the person you least suspect, as they say, but you never hear about the loud, outgoing class clown going all leatherface on his classmates.


If you're wondering why this is on Gizmodo—and you guys always do—it's because those weapons inherently remind me of movie and video game weapons. I'm not trying to say that video games cause violence or don't cause violence, but what I'm saying is that when a 17 year old man-child thinks he can corner his classmates while dual wielding a chainsaw and a sword probably played a lot of doom and zelda and didn't do very well in gym class, so would get tired very quickly. [SFGate]