Illustration for article titled Tectoy Zeebo Gaming System Uses Free 3G Connection to Distribute Games

The Tectoy Zeebo doesn't scream gaming console powerhouse by any means, but what makes it interesting is the free 3G connection as the means to purchase and download games. In addition to keeping distribution costs low and titles accessible to those living outside of metropolitan areas, the downloadable content helps cut down on game piracy, which is rampant in Brazil. The system itself features an SD card slot, two USB ports, and comes preloaded with a few games, including quake. It's not intended to go compete with the current-gen offerings, but as mentioned earlier, it's for markets where the average consumer can't afford the cost of a Wii or Xbox (considering the cost of games after import fees). The Zeebo will arrive on Brazilian shelves in July 2009 and sell for roughly $258 USD. Games will cost between $10 and $30. [Folha Online via Engadget]


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