Teen Driver Cam Keeps Tabs on Horrible Teenage Drivers

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Look out, horrible teenage drivers: there's a new device out there that your justifiably concerned parents can purchase to not only track where you are while you're driving, but to actually see you. Yeah, now your parents can bust you smoking pot or pleasuring yourself in the car without happening to drive up next to you. Bad news for you, good news for people who want to survive their commute home from work.


Teen Safe Driver is a camera provided by insurance companies that attaches to the windshield and points right at the driver. Since it can be used to keep people safe by ensuring kids stay off their damned cellphones and keep their illegally purchased beers closed and away until they get to Steve's parents' house, it's free if you live in a number of states, even giving you a healthy 15% discount on your premiums if you use it. It's a win-win for the insurance companies, who save money by not having to pay for car repairs/funerals all while looking like saints who just want to keep the roads safer. And really, who doesn't? I know it sucks, teenagers, but if you could drive without crashing this wouldn't be necessary. You have only yourselves and your still-developing brains to blame. [Yahoo News via Uber Review]

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