Okay, so it's maybe not the most efficient credit card fraud ever: a UK teen and friends upload their songs to iTunes, downloaded them 5,000 times with stolen credit cards, and reaped $773,000 in royalties. Kids!

19-year old Lemar Johnson was part of a group of 10 men who embraced the scam in 2008-2009, although Johnson proved particularly ambitious by being responsible for a a full 2,000 downloads on his own. He plead guilty last week to a count of conspiracy to defraud, and whatever sentence he gets will presumably be tacked on to the one he's currently serving for "grievous bodily harm."


It all seems like a pretty roundabout and (easily exposed) way to get rich off of illicit financial information, but I'm sure it was validating for Johnson to see his music climb the charts. Even if it was his own clicks that was doing it. [Daily Mail via The Next Web]

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