Dan Briody, Infoworld columnist extraordinaire, hates cellphones. Easy enough. He tossed together a list of the ten commandments of cellphone etiquette. It ranges everywhere from turning off the cellphone in public places, to sitting the cellphone on the table at dinner, to using the cellphone in inappropriate places, to having doofy ringtones.

It actually isn't that bad of a list and I catch myself violating some of these commandments on occasion, but now it is noted that there are anal retentive people out there, like Dan, who are damn near suicidal when a cellphone user is in their general vicinity. Sorry, Dan, if your rules came into play it seems the only acceptable usage time for a cellphone would be in the privacy of the home, which is pointless. My one commandment: Dan Briody, thou shalt shuteth the fucketh upeth and accept the fact that cellphones are here to stay. Jesus cellphone picture courtesy of The Raw Feed


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