If there's ever an occasion to have a one night stand on Twitter, this is it. It's the night of the 2012 Presidential Election, and a few key people are sure to have something to say as the evening unfolds. Here's a look at the names we'll be checking over the next few hours. Try them out, and—who knows—you might just stick with them for the next four years.

Nate Silver

The blogger behind the New York Times' polling blog FiveThirtyEight @fivethirtyeight is a preternatural political soothsayer.


Ezra Klein

Columnist for the Washington Post and Bloomberg View, @ezraklein runs the left-leaning Wonkblog.

Michelle Malkin

One of the most influential conservative print and online columnists in the U.S., @michellemalkin has been covering politics for two decades.


McKay Coppins

Reporter for Buzzfeed Politics and Newsweek/Daily Beast alum, McKay Coppins puts out a nice mix of his own newsy tweets and sharp reactions.


Anthony de Rosa

One of the fastest aggregators online, @AntDeRosa is a one-stop shop for news.


Matt Yglesias

The business and economics correspondent for Slate, @MattYglesias delivers a ton of information with an irreverent slant.


Annie Lowrey

The economics policy reporter for the New York Times, @AnnieLowrey is like a polite guest making your Twitter stream smart without cluttering it with traffic.


Erin Gloria Ryan

Jezebel's @morninggloria is not an exclusively political writer—she's just brilliant over 140 characters or 1,000 words.


Chuck Grassley

If you're going to have a politician in the mix, it might as well be the best one on Twitter—Iowa Senator @ChuckGrassley will not disappoint.



Come on. It's @SHAQ. It's worth following.


Who did we miss?

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