Ten Years Ago, You Could Drown Your Sorrows With A Journey Into Mystery

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For all the cracks made about Marvel selling out by being bought by Disney, it's worth remembering that Marvel has a long history of selling out... as this recently-rediscovered menu to a Marvel Comics-themed restaurant should make all too clear.

The restaurant in question was Marvel Mania, a short-lived (February 1998 through September 1999) eatery that proudly announced "Absolutely NO broccoli, spinach or squash on this menu!". Comic Book Resources.com's Jonah Weiland found his copy menu in a closet, launching him into a collection of alcoholic memories:

Truly the best part of the restaurant was the bar, which had a great selection of martinis. Where the restaurant itself was geared towards families with super bright colors and massive murals featuring Marvel's greatest heroes, the bar area was dimly lit mostly with black lights and the walls were covered with Marvel's most dastardly villains. The bar was truly a very cool place to visit if you were a comic fan and if I recall correctly, Los Angeles' alt-weekly newspaper LA Weekly named it one of the Ten Best Bars in town the year it opened. Or best bar for martinis. It was the best of something, I know that much. The "Monstrous Martini's" had names like "Negative Zone," "Asgard" and "Savage Land." There were also alcoholic beverages served under headings like "Curious Concotions" with drinks called "Journey Into Mystery" and "Dead of Night" or the "Web-Shooters" which were served in a small souvenir take-home beaker. Drinks like "Clobberin' Time," "Gamma Slamma" or the "Dimension Distorter" could be ordered.


We have to admit, we may be more taken by the desserts on offer:

Then of course there was the "Stellar Sweets" deserts section which featured "The Galactus." Here's the description:

"You'll need to be the devourer of worlds to tackle this titan. Twelve scoops of ice cream topped with marshmallow, hot fudge, raspberry and caramel sauce; nuts, cherries and whipped cream. A titanic treat, perfect for any party or Super Hero family."

"The Galactus" could have been yours for only $34.95.

Suddenly, the prospect of a Mickey Mouse/Wolverine face-off seems like the soul of restraint, doesn't it?


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