Tennis Could Change a Lot of Minds About 3DTV

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DirecTV's already brought a ton of sports to its 3D broadcast, but as of August 30th, they'll be showing the US Open. Not being much of a fan of 3DTV, this could be just the thing to change my mind.


Sure, watching the Super Bowl in 3D would be pretty awesome too. But the thought of watching Roger Federer serving up one of his famous 200km/h balls in 3D—well, wow.


The US Open takes place between August 30th—September 12th, and Panasonic will be there recording in stereoscopic 3D with up to seven cameras in use.

DirecTV will be showing the 3D broadcast on the N3D channel 103, which got us all in a flutter back at CES when watching on a 50-inch Panasonic plasma. [HD Guru]

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