Teppan-Style Grill from Onfalos Brings Flower Power to the Yard

Alpina and Smartech Italia SpA are behind the Onfalos, a teppan-style grill for your garden. Made of stainless steel, the Onfalos grill is so hardcore you can even grill in a blizzard—if you want to, that is—and all you need is a 5kg gas cylinder.

The combustion chamber and chimney are hidden beneath the circular plate (apparently it's easy to clean if you're a slob like me) inside a cone-shaped structure, and there is a drain tray to collect the cooking liquids. The petals come in six colors—lilac, hot, white, mandarin, pearl gray and sun—which I guess are for resting the plates on when you're serving up. Oh, and did you know that nfalos means "belly button" in Greek? No, me neither.


Onfalos Grills - mobile outdoor teppan-style grilling [Appliancist via Born Rich]

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