These upcoming Terminator: Salvation toys from Playmates won't turn you into a T-600, but the fist one will allow you to shoot a large, plastic projectile at things. And that's a win.

Details are hard to come by just yet, especially with the language barrier, but we know that the flying fist toy should cost about $75 when it comes out alongside the movie.


Some of the other toys include your standard run of action figures and replica vehicles, as well as a kind of makeup costume/kit that turns little children into hellish Tot-200s.

Lastly, there's the Terminator T-600 Voice and Vision helmet. The eyes also light up and I'm assuming it gives you the ability to chew out one of your underlings with a litany of swear words and put downs, should they ruin your calm at the office. [Toys Are Evil via OhGizmo]


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