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Terrifying van ride up the Himalayas would scare the life out of me

So like... Uhh... Yeah... Oh my... this is just the van ride up to the Himalayas. As in, this scariness is only the beginning of something even scarier (that would be climbing the damn thing). Mick Fowler shot this video of his van driving up the mountain and it's so close to the edge of the cliff—we're talking inches here—that it makes me want to cry just watching the video.


Actually, why lie? I'm crying. I cried. I cannot cry anymore because I have no more tears. You can see them make impossible turns, relax, make another impossible turn and go under waterfalls. That's just like a couple hundred feet.

You can watch the LiveLeak version of the video below or a clearer look at Mick Fowler's Facebook page.


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I'm not afraid of heights. In fact, I actually like heights. But still, that shit is nuts.