Terry Dodson's Alternate Teen Titans Are Getting Their Own Lovely Toys

Last year’s Teen Titans: Earth One Graphic novel gave us a new take on the Titans — and a new look from Terry Dodson. Now those designs are coming to DC’s awesome Designer Series, and they’re looking pretty damn great.

We got a brief tease of the 7” scale Starfire figure recently, but new DC Solicits for early next year have given us our first real look at the first wave, adding Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven into the mix:


I’ve been a big fan of the Designer series for a while, and they make for some great figures — but these don’t quite work for me. The sculpts are spot on and capture Dodson’s original work pretty well, but unlike, say, the series’ own Jae Lee Batman/Superman figures, the colour work doesn’t quite capture the aesthetic of the graphic novel. Rachel Dodson’s inking had a wonderfully soft colour to it, and rendered a little more harshly on a toy it doesn’t quite work. But at least the designs themselves are spot on, something the Designer Series continues to nail.


The Teen Titans are due for release in January for next year, for $25 each.

[Via Toy News International]

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