Test Your Skill: Are You Tone Deaf?

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Okay, we know you're goofing off; it's the day before Thanksgiving. We're here to assist you in your slacking and help you prepare for Thanksgiving at the same time, suggesting that you take this tone deafness test from musician and researcher Jake Mandell. It's actually quite difficult, and will let you know if it's true that you really can't carry a tune, not even in a bucket. You'll need Flash 8 or 9 to take the test, and just a few minutes to compare the musical phrases in each of the 36 examples.

The site says "the test is purposefully made very hard, so excellent musicians rarely score above 80% correct." If you do poorly on this test, do your family a favor and keep from singing along at that Thanksgiving rendition of "We Gather Together." Laying down the gauntlet here: see if you can beat my score of 94.4% correct. Comment with your score—you're on your honor.


Test your musical skills in six minutes [Jake Mandell, via Music Thing]