Illustration for article titled Texminator Arcade Game Adds Competitive Edge to Texting

Meet the Texminator. It's an arcade cabinet that tests your texting speed. It was also inevitable.

Seriously now, my youngest sister has a phone she never uses—save for texting. LOLs and ttyl's have long replaced spoken word, and the clickity clack of her slider phone keyboard easily drowns out the family small talk at the dinner table during holidays.


It's only natural that some entrepreneur would turn this phenomenon into a game and make a little coin off of it. The game features arcade and race the clock modes, as well as a 2-player competitive mode. The joysticks are toy cellphones. Obvi.

And I'm just speculating wildly here, but since Rockstar didn't develop this one I'm pretty certain there's no hidden Hot Coffee sexting level. [ChipChick via Ubergizmo]

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