It has already been established there are people out there who feel the need to use their phone during sex. And presumably, there's a very narrow subset of people who also enjoy some kinky BDSM action. For those rare individuals, there is Textercuff, which combines handcuffs and a gag ball into a text-denying thumb guard.

But the best part? People can make it themselves! Yes! There's no need to make that walk of shame into an adult toy store and shell out $50 to get this wondertoy. As long as you have handcuffs, a rubber ball, and a drill laying around—and I mean, don't we all?—then you're set to indulge their inner freak.

But people should avoid snapping photos of themselves petting dogs while wearing the textercuff, lest you want a bunch of angry PETA protesters gathering outside your front door, calling you a dog molester. [Instructables via Gizmodiva].