Thank God Xbox Achievements Aren't In Real Life

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Click to viewMuch like your video game driving skills are a real-life liability, here's how your ceaseless quest for Call of Duty-like achievements might go over in an actual war. Spoiler: poorly! Unless, of course, you nail The Trifecta.


Special super duper bonus feature surprise: a starring turn by Gizmodo's own Adam Frucci. In yet another similarity to video games, he's the first one killed. [College Humor]



If I was going to augment life with something out of a video game, I'd like there to be an icon floating in front of buildings with rent listings, and I can just walk into it, press X and have a new apartment for the price I like. That and press the R1 R2 L1, R2, O, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up to save on medical bills.