Thanko iPod FM Transmitter and Wireless Remote Control

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Japan's Thanko—bless their hearts—has released their very own FM transmitter for all shapes and sizes of the iPod. Unfortunately, this FM transmitter isn't as charming as perhaps other Thanko products. Like every other FM transmitter, it frees your iPod from having to be plugged into a stereo just to be able to hear it from a set of speakers. They work well in cars provided you don't live in an area where every single FM frequency is already a high-powered, commercial station.


Additionally, Thanko has released the supporting IPFMR001, a wireless remote control that's used to control the iPod's (or any digital audio player's) volume and so forth.

Thanko's selling the two as a package for around $50 in Japan only for now. And probably forever.


Product Page (in Japanese) [Thanko via]