Thanks To Star Wars, People Can Make Money Selling Wads Of Hair

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There are enough Princess Leia hairbun facsimiles online to choke a Wookiee. But for those of you who couldn't craft their way out of a paper bag puppet, here's a homemade pair you can actually buy.

Etsy seller Jacquie Coe uses synthetic human hair for these headphone covers. So right off the bat they lose points for authenticity. And they were probably inspired by the parody Spaceballs, which unfortunately only perpetuates the stereotype that Mel Brooks is funny.


Since they're not designed for any specific type of over-the-ear headphones, you'll have to find some way to attach the buns yourself. Glue, I'm looking at you. Unless you need them for some cosplay action, in which case you can just jam some hairpins in there to keep it attached to your head. And don't worry, blonde and red haired versions can be made to order, all for just $24. [Etsy via Buzzfeed via JacquieLongLegs]