That iPhone Case With Wall Prongs Finally Has a Built-in Battery

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When we first discovered the original PocketPlug case, we loved the convenience of having a charger, complete with prongs, attached to our iPhones at all times. But without an extra battery onboard, we weren't thrilled with the bulk it added to our svelte devices. Fortunately, that's been fixed.


The PWR Case finally includes the built-in battery we'd longed for, and will be available in a handful of color combinations that are differentiated by the size of their batteries. The cheaper $100 version comes with a 1,500 mAh battery that can bring a dead iPhone about 80 percent back to life, while the larger 1,900 mAh model promises 100 percent revival with a $120 price tag instead.

Both versions can charge the phone and the extra battery via their incredibly convenient set of built-in folding prongs, but the PWR Case also introduces a microUSB port for those times when the only source of power available is through USB and your iPhone's Lightning port is blocked. [Prong]

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Why do all these cases seem to just have Micro-USB plugs for power? That has been the most troublesome plug for me on past cases (eg Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 4S), never staying securely attached, with the plug getting looser with age. Or am I too rough on the cords?