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That Ivanka Trump Quote About Wanting to Spray Her Father With Mace Is Totally Fake

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Donald Trump has repeatedly said some disgusting, sexual things about his own daughter, Ivanka. But did Ivanka once reply that if he wasn’t her father that she’d spray him with Mace? No. The quote that seems to suggest otherwise is totally fake.

Journalist Sarah Kendzior tweeted out the quote, “If he wasn’t my father, I would spray him with Mace” on November 24th—seemingly in response to something inappropriate Ivanka’s father, Donald Trump, had said. But in truth, she never said that. It’s from a Conan O’Brien comedy monologue.


This fake quote from 2006 has gone viral, with CBS News, Esquire, the Daily Mail, the New York Daily News, and The Hill, among many others, all reporting it as fact. But it’s not entirely their fault for getting duped. The fake quote was used by a reputable news source back in 2006. It’s simply a more old-school case of Telephone by way of print newspapers.

The fake Ivanka quote is actually from a Conan O’Brien late night monologue from March of 2006, said completely in jest in response to the truly gross things Donald Trump was actually saying at the time on The View.


The quote, stripped of its true comedy origins, was picked up as fact by the Chicago Tribune in a year-end round-up. Believe it or not, fake news was spreading even before services like Twitter were invented.

Snopes was the first to debunk this one, and they note that the footage from the Conan O’Brien monologue has yet to surface. But the material from O’Brien’s monologue was reprinted in the March 17, 2006 Shreveport Times in Louisiana, as you can see below.


Yes, Donald Trump is a skeeze who has talked about wanting to date his own daughter on more than one occasion. But this quote from Ivanka is completely fake.