That Photo of Obama Pointing at a Naked Portrait of Trump is Totally Fake (NSFW)

Blurred version of a photoshopped image showing Obama pointing at Donald Trump and his micropenis (Twitter)

There’s a photo currently swirling around the great big toilet bowl of social media that supposedly shows President Obama in Cuba. He’s pointing and smiling at an illustration of a naked Donald Trump. An illustration of Donald Trump sporting a micropenis, no less. But it’s completely fake.

To make things even weirder, it’s a photoshop of a photoshop. The image on the bottom right featuring Beavis and Butthead was created by Vincent X Torres from the Guzu Gallery in Austin, Texas about a week ago. He originally posted it to his Facebook page, and that photo is also fake.

Two photos, both fake, of Obama pointing at Donald Trump and Beavis and Butthead illustrations.

It’s not clear who photoshopped the Trump version. But if you see it doing the rounds, please inform your friends, family, and online acquaintances that it’s a fake. This GIF of the most awkward hand-holding high-five in history between Obama and Raul Castro, however, is very real.

[Twitter and Fox5]


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