10 of the Best Moments From the Early Days of CGI

CGI is everywhere now. In many cases, it's almost completely indistinguishable from things that were actually filmed. You can only tell by the impossible camera angles. It wasn't always that way though—you remember The Last Starfighter, don't you? Still, 20th century CGI had its high points, and these are 10 of them.

From classics like the trench run from Star Wars to forgotten clips like the stained glass knight from Young Sherlock Homes, the art of CGI went from black and white lines to Toy Story with astonishing speed.

The days when newborn CGI wobbled on shaky legs are long gone; it's a full-grown beauty now. But it's always fun to look back on where it all started, and imagine what things—coughcoughvirtualreality—will be like just a few decades from now. [CineFix]

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Some of the BEST CGI work being done today is in the Automotive industry. Most of those glossy car brochures you get in the dealer showroom are not pictures of real cars any more. Both exterior and interior shots are now mostly CGI. Usually rendered (and focus group tested) long before the car is actually manufactured. The advance of CGI rendering quality has put many of the top automotive photography studios out of business.