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The 100GB Xbox 360 HD Does Not Exist

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

How could half the internets be fooled by a photoshopped "100GB" on a Korean Microsoft slideshow? Beats us, but Germany's version of Major Nelson set the record straight.

Yes, about two and a half thousand people sent to me a link to that, in which one sees a photographed powerpoint slide, featuring a non removable disk on which someone stuck 100 GB in an Arial font.

Come on, you know Microsoft presentations. How many times have you been to GC? Would this company announce a product in such a ragged manner? Quote: No large non removable disk is announced.


If wishes were horses, ours would be called Dancer, the Large-Capacity-USB-Hard-Disk-So-We-Can Download-More-Movie-Trailers. Oh, how we want a bigger disk.

Dreisechzig [German via Kotaku]

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Bah...and don't forget how mad it would make people who already bought the premium system:

"I paid $100 extra for a stupid 20GB drive...only to have them release a 100GB drive for $100 six months later?!! Am I supposed to throw the 20GB drive away??!!"

...this sort of thing really makes it difficult to add upgrades to a console after-the-fact. It's one thing to shrink the processor so it produces less heat/consumes less's another thing to offer significant performance/storage upgrades without alienating earlier customers.