The 16GB Nexus 7 Reportedly Shows Up at Office Depot for Just $200

Leaked pricing details from numerous retailers have all but confirmed that the 32GB version of Google's Nexus 7 will cost $250. Now another leak suggests the old 16GB model will drop to just $200.


Office Depot stores across the US have, seemingly, rolled out the news from today's cancelled Google event a little early, lining shelves with price tags. They suggest the new 32GB model will retail for $250, while the lower-capacity model will cost $200. Compared to $330 for the 16GB iPad Mini—or $430 for the 32GB version—that seems like a real bargain.

With the Google event cancelled and stock no doubt spreading around the world, it's unclear how or when Google will officially announce its updated product line. [Droid Life]

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