The 20 Movies Worth Adding To Your Amazon Prime Watchlist Right Now

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A Watchlist has finally been added to Amazon Instant Video, meaning it now has a basic feature it had been sorely lacking until now. It's basically Amazon's version of a Netflix queue, a simple way to keep track of the movies and TV shows you want to watch to watch.


The streaming video service's selection, which is available free to Prime subscribers, has been pretty lackluster. But it's getting better, especially with last week's addition of Paramount films. The new feature is much-needed, even if it's still pretty half-baked—right now Watchlist is only available on the web, Xbox 360, and the Kindle Fire. Regardless, here are 20 movies and TV shows you should add to your Watchlist now:

Team America World Police
Into the Wild
Nacho Libre
Downton Abbey
Grizzly Man
Iron Giant
L.A. Confidential
In the Loop
Last of the Mohicans
Time Bandits
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Good Night and Good Luck
Gosford Park
Before Sunset
The Tudors
Page One: Inside the New York Times




Uhhhh Here are a few more good movies:

Martial Arts:

The Man fron Nowhere

Red Cliff




Day Watch (Need to watch Night Watch too but not free yet)

Queen of the Damned

All Around Good:

Forrest Gump

Beverly Hills Cop

Coming To America

Heart of Darkness

Black Snake Moan

Office Space

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Series

Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Four Brothers

Old Boy

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels