The 25 Best Movies Disappearing From Netflix Tonight

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At the stroke of midnight—or somewhere around then—tonight, while you're sloppily waving goodbye to 2014, dozens of movies will disappear from Netflix streaming. The good news is, you've got plenty of time to get to plow through them before The Great Vanishing. Here's a list of the very best that won't make it to 2015.


Netflix has released a comprehensive list of what's going away, with dozens of titles on the chopping block. Remember that just because they're leaving now doesn't mean they're never coming back. But also: Why take that chance?

12 Angry Men

A River Runs Through It


Batman (1989)

Big Trouble in Little China

Beverly Hills Cop

Boyz n the Hood


Carrie (1976)

Duck Soup


Happy Gilmore

Hotel Rwanda

Kramer vs. Kramer

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

Love Actually


Rocky IV

Roman Holiday


The Breakfast Club

The Grapes of Wrath

The Longest Yard

The Usual Suspects


A separate list has appeared on Reddit that includes a few titles we can't confirm yet, including my beloved Sneakers. We'll update as soon as we know if those are disappearing as well. Meanwhile, you can head to Vulture for the full account of what's going away in case your tastes lean more My Girl 2 than Manhattan. And don't worry! There's some good stuff being added on January 1 as well. Or at least Mean Girls, anyway. [Vulture]



This is why I'm not 100% sold on Netflix streaming (I'm disc only - have been since they tried to double the price for the same service). The selection of current stuff wasn't that current when I abandoned streaming, and they seemed to purge very frequently.

What's it like now? I mean apart from the compression and bandwidth issues, can you, for example, stream Guardians of the Galaxy on the same day it becomes available on disc, or are you still waiting another three months after that?