The Ad Palm Should Have Made

Why, what a nice ad this is for Palm's webOS! Let's see, you've got the clearly communicated feature set, the driving soundtrack, and no creepy lady heads talking at you. If only it'd been made by Palm.

Instead, it was produced by Heiko Thies as a submission for the palmSpot video contest over at webOSroundup. It highlights all of webOS's many strengths much better than Palm's own creeptastic Pre ads ever did:

The contest is running through April 16th; hopefully the Palm marketing team will pay close attention to the winners. [YouTube via Wired]

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Just do what Apple does. Show exactly what it can do in situations that your customers are likely to be in.

For example, on a trip: Checking into your flight, looking what restaurants are in the airport, turning your lights off at home. Simple, just show it. We don't need a magazine with a virtual screen-page thing or a woman walking down the street with a huge HUD interface thing in front of her (although both are better than the old creepy woman commercials). Just show the phone and what it can do.

You can use different apps in your commercials to target the different segments of your target instead of blanketing all demographics with ads clearly targeted at women. Apple does this, if you haven't noticed.

They could even take it to the next level by showing what it can do that the iPhone can't, like multi-tasking. Make the the same commercial as apple with checking into the flight, etc. but all while listening to your favorite internet radio app.