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The Apple Store Is Down and We Don't Know Why (Updated)

Illustration for article titled The Apple Store Is Down and We Dont Know Why (Updated)

The Apple Store—the internet version—isn't loading for any of us. Totally down. In fact, it's confirmed by And we have no clue why it's down. We're not expecting any refreshes or new products. So hmm. Hmm.


The only thing we can possibly imagine is a 1080p Apple TV, because the timing is right, and it's a spec where Apple is lagging (especially in light of the new Rokus). But again, we're just spitballing here. [Apple Store]


Update: We're finally seeing ye olde "We're Updating the Store" message, so, RING THE ALARM, a new product is probably on the way. Stay tuned.

Update: And we're back! Nothing to see here, folks, just (we suspect) a little server issue.

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

This might actually be a DDoS or something because usually when it's down with regards to a new product, they at least have a message saying they are updating the website.