The Army Wants Its Missing Missile Back

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A 100 pound training missile fell off an Army helicopter in northern New York on Friday, and the Army still hasn’t found it.

The nonexplosive, nonmotorized dummy missile fell from an AH-64 Apache on its way from Fort Drum to the New York Air Show on Friday. The 100 pound, 64 inch long dummy missile is meant to simulate the weight and appearance of a Hellfire missile for training. It has “U.S. Army” painted on the side in big block letters, which is a lesson to all of us: write your name on your things if you’re likely to lose them.


So if you live in New York and you’ve seen a missile with “U.S. Army” painted on the side, call Fort Drum’s 10th Mountain Division Operations Center at 315-772-6324. They would really like it back.

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Top image: U.S. Army, Fort Drum