If you don't catch The Artist in theaters, the first place you'll be able to watch it is on Netflix. The Weinstein Company just inked a multi-year licensing deal with Netflix to bring its artsy catalog to the streaming service.

According to the announcement, the new deal between Netflix and Weinstein Co will make "foreign language, documentary and certain other movies from The Weinstein Company exclusively available for Netflix members in the U.S." Many of the company's films will be available on Netflix within a year of their theatrical release, which is a big deal because one of the biggest complaints about Netflix is that sometimes the most desirable stuff—the current stuff you really actually want to watch—isn't available for streaming.


Every year the Weinsteins produce some of the best, critically-acclaimed films, and while some of them will make it onto Netflix fast, there's certainly room in this deal for the company to hold back its biggest features. That Weinstein will serve up its biggest movie of the year right away bodes well for the movie buffs. [Netflix via TechCrunch]

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