The Avengers are Earth's Morphinest Heroes in this Power Rangers mash-up

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The Power Rangers opening credits done with Avengers clips and soundbites? Don't mind if I do. It works out pretty well, unless you start trying to figure out who's who — I mean, Iron Man is the Red Ranger, naturally, Captain America is Blue, Hulk is Green... and then it gets tricky.

Let's say Thor is Yellow, because of his blonde hair; Black Widow has to be black because of her outfit and her name, which means Hawkeye by default is the Pink Ranger. Seeing as Hawkeye 1) doesn't technically have superpowers and 2) spent half of Avengers under Loki's control, I can see the rest of the Avengers voting him the Pink Ranger designation while he was absent.

Question: Does this mean Loki is Rita Repulsa? Because Thanos is probably Lord Zedd, right?