The Bacon Watch Always Knows What Time It Is

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If there's any downside to the $25 Bacon Watch, it's that users may unintentionally gnaw at their own arm.

The Bacon Watch is actually a pretty typical timepiece save for its trademark bacon strips strap constructed of durable vinyl that promise to fit "most" adult wrists (the product is intended for bacon addicts, after all, so that's probably a reasonable disclaimer). I'm also quite keen on that little bacon mascot adorning the watch's face.

But now that I have all of you bacon lovers in one spot, what's your favorite brand and method of preparation? I go for Dreymiller & Kray's applewood smoked variety—probably the best bacon I've ever had, at home or abroad, with a subtle sweetness to balance the crunchy-salty goodness that is perfectly cured and crisped pork fat. And I bake it at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes (starting with the oven off) because it's easier and cleaner than stoving it. You? [Archie McPhee via Nerd Approved]

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What the hell is in bacon that makes it so damn good? I think it should be classified as a vitamin since my body needs a daily dose. Vitamin bacon. Let's just push whole grains out of that stupid food pyramid and push in bacon.