The Battlestar Galactica Movie Just Took A Major Step Forward

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Most of us know Battlestar Galactica as a TV show, whether that be from the 1970s or the 2000s. But Hollywood has continually tried to take the well-known franchise for themselves and now, the latest potential movie adaptation just got a screenwriter and maybe even a director.

Deadline reports the latest Battlestar Galactica movie, which was first announced in February, will be written by Lisa Joy, who is currently working on HBO’s Westworld. In addition, Francis Lawrence, the director of I Am Legend and the final final three Hunger Games movies, is potentially circling the project to direct.

To put this into context, it suggests producers have been taking pitches on the property from writers and finally heard one that not only do they want to see made into a screenplay, but that a director is interested in too.


When, or if that’ll happen, is another story. Francis Lawrence is currently prepping a movie with Jennifer Lawrence called Red Sparrow, so even if Joy’s script is approved, this wouldn’t come until after that. Even so, the worst case scenario is that someone out there is really trying to take the story of Battlestar Galactica and bring it to life once again.

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