The BBC Wants to Harness Fan Power for Doctor Who

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This could go very well or very poorly: the BBC has launched “Mission Dalek,” a competition where fans create their own stories about the Doctor and the Daleks.

The only restrictions on Mission Dalek is that the work you make has to be digital: video, animation, art. The springboard should be the “The Doctor’s Year 2000 Diary” which has a bunch of new footage the BBC is releasing to fans to remix:

Also at your fingertips? A bunch of downloadable clips and images.

Of course, it’s completely up to you to write and film your own footage if you want. Please do, because I know fans. And the quality of their work is astonishing. Granted, turning any of it in to the BBC gives them a royalty-free license to use your work until the end of time. But you also get the chance to win a visit to the Doctor Who set.


I’m always kind of torn when stuff like this pops up. I like the acknowledgment of fan ability and the, frankly, pretty loose story rules for this. On the other hand, I always subscribed to a hardcore “don’t cross the streams!’ kind of fan engagement. Whichever side you fall on, this is going to be fun. Please do let us know if you create anything.

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