This Hanging Bed Is the Ultimate Tiny Apartment Hack

Creative ways to hide your sleeping space are as old at the first murphy bed, but this might be a first: The owners of this London apartment have found a way to maximize their living space without resorting to a bed that folds into a closet.

If you've ever relied on natural light from a high skylight, you know that it can often feel like a second-rate window. This brilliant hack put the bed just feet below the light, thanks to a wrought iron basket mounted to the ceiling—so the sleepers wake up with the sun.


Aside from that obvious awesomeness, it's also a smart space saver. This particular apartment is a cozy 500 square feet, but it seems much larger once you get rid of the large mattress. Underneath the bed is an office space, and above it is a glass skylight that retracts to reveal a rooftop garden. Take us there. Now. [JJLocations via Enpundit via MyModernMet via Laughing Squid]


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