The Best Amplifiers Under $500

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Cnet's Steve Guttenberg has compiled the best audiophile-worthy amplifiers to be had for under $500. Trying to spend minimal amounts of cash? Need something to boost those headphones? Guttenberg's got you covered. That Topping TP-30looks especially hot. [Cnet]



In the article, they mention 10w amps can surprise you. They can, but only with high-efficiency loudspeakers. Some loudspeakers offer as low as 80dB/w @1m, which is super low. Horn-loaded loudspeakers can deliver as high as 105dB/w @1m. Which means that with just 10w, you can annoy the entire block because you're pumping out 115dB. But with low-efficiency loudspeakers, you're not exactly rocking because you can only deliver 90dB.