The Best Coffee Mug Improvement Since the Handle

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They say if you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door. And the same will probably hold true for the first coffee shop to adopt this clever spoon-securing NOTA coffee mug designed by Lee Hae Seung Scott.


Often times a hot beverage will require more than just an initial stirring, having you either trying to find a clean place to keep your spoon in the interim, or leaving it in the mug and where it hits you in the face as you try to drink. Both are less than ideal solutions, but the latter is no longer an issue with the NOTA mug that features a set of built-in supports preventing a spoon from sliding around. It's as brilliant a solution as it is simple, and while not for sale, it thankfully doesn't look like a design that's too difficult to steal. [Little Thoughts Group via Yanko Design]



Do people often leave the spoon in there? I usually just stir it and then toss it in the sink. Now add this to my soup bowl and we're talking.