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The Biggest Oscar Snubs Ranked In Order Of Disappointment

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While we're ecstatic that Avatar's loathsome original song didn't warble it's way into an Oscar nomination, those blue aliens and a few others did squeeze out a few of our favorites. Here's a list of the biggest genre snubs.

They Might Be Giants - "Other Father Song" - Coraline - Original Song

Sure it's only 32 seconds, but listen to this track and try not to hum it for the rest of the day, we dare you! Plus can you even imagine John Hodgman, who voiced the father, singing with They Might Be Giants on stage at the Academy Awards?


Also, we'd add Where The Wild Things Are to this list, but we learned early that they were ineligible for original score in January for being young and hip, or having too many samples. We're not sure if this applies to Original Song, as well but we would assume so. Which is a shame because we enjoyed Carter Burwell's work and Karen O's "All Is Love." But you know the Academy's "get off my lawn" policy with "new agey" rock music.

Still let's all thank the Academy for not nominating the embarrassingly bad Avatar song.

Watchmen - Costume Design

We may not have loved Watchmen, but the film deserves credit where credit is due. Michael Wilkinson nailed it. He stayed true to the source material but also branched out with fantastic, and time-period-appropriate attire, even the extras were adorned in gorgeous trappings from the mind of Alan Moore.

Bruno Coulais - Coraline - Original Score

Coulais' work in Coraline haunts me. The eerie children's choir mixes innocence, youth, with an ominous blend of stringy chills. It transports you to the Other Mother realm.

Clint Mansell - Moon - Original Score

Yet another score nomination misstep, even more so than the previous omissions. Clint Mansell's work on Moon creeps up the back of your spine with a fittingly repetitive melody. It's a shame it wasn't nominated. But then again Michael Giacchino missed the nom as well, for Star Trek, but I'm more miffed over Coraline and Moon's musical snubs.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs - Best Animated Film

Getting its rightful spot snatched up by The Secret of Kells, which hasn't even been released yet, was a huge blow to Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. How many times can we say it? Cloudy is pure brilliance! The script, cast, story and message, this film is packed with whimsy for both adults and kids. Cloudy, you were robbed.


I'm not saying Kells is bad or even not worthy, I'm saying it's foreign and not out yet, so we can not judge it whatsoever, it came right out of left field. If anything, kick Princess Frog out. The only redeeming thing about that film was the return to line drawn animation and a few songs.

Best Actor - Sam Rockwell

And finally, the biggest upset for me personally, and most of the good folk on the internet, was Sam Rockwell's omission from the Best Actor Category. If you've seen Moon you know why: Rockwell basically carries the weight of the entire "cast" on shoulders. Why did this happen? Maybe because Sony didn't send out screeners to the members. Maybe it's too "hard scifi" or it didn't have someone pretending to be a famous historical figure or something to do with World War II, we don't know. But it's a serious tragedy that he wasn't included.

Other notable Best Actor snubs, Sharlto Copley for District 9 and Viggo Mortensen for The Road. Not that we think either of those guys deserves it more than Rockwell, but if Morgan Freeman's performance in Invictus gets a place, then one of those three should as well.