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The Biggest Record Pressing Factory In the US Is Expanding

Illustration for article titled The Biggest Record Pressing Factory In the US Is Expanding

In recent years, people have been buying more and more vinyl records—and now, demand for music etched into this aging format is so hot that the country's largest plant is increasing its capacity by more than 50 percent.


The Tennessean reports that United Record Pressing LLC in Nashville just bought a 142,000-square-foot warehouse where it plans to add 16 new presses to its existing arsenal of 30, which currently run 24 hours a day, six days a week.

Vinyl's renaissance is real if niche: last year sales topped 6 million, up from roughly a million in 2007. That's impressive growth, and it's a glimmer of good news for a flailing industry. [The Tennessean via Ars Technica]

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VHS has way better picture quality than BluRay. I don't know how you people watch movies on those overly crisp TV screens. It hurts my eyes it's so clear and I like those clicks and pops and those "tracking" interruptions.