The bike tricks in this video are impossibly fun to see

Road bikes are meant for the road... but that’s too limiting and not fun at all. What’s really fun is seeing Italian cyclist Vittorio Brumotti freestyle all over anything that can remotely come close to being ridden on with his road bike. Like highway rails next to the ocean or narrow hand rails or an airplane graveyard or inside an airplane and more.


It’s sad to know that I will never be able to do any of the stunts he pulled in this video in my life.

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These are pretty good tricks for a guy on a trials bike.... The fact hes able to pull it on on a road bike makes it kind of mind blowing. For those who have never done any kind of trials biking or mountain biking... the geometry of a road bike does NOT lend well at ALL to doing stuff like this. It makes such a big difference having a slack head tube angle, short seat tube, wide tires and wide bars. A road bike feels positively dumb trying to do anything mountain-bikey. This is supremely impressive.