The Birdwatchers On This Clock Are Trying To Spot a Rare Cuckoo

The designers at Studio Kuadra have deconstructed the iconic cuckoo clock for this amusing new timepiece that introduces a pair of bird watchers, obsessively hoping to catch a glimpse of the cuckoo in a nearby tree at the top of the hour.

For those who love plants in their home but are notorious for absent-mindedly killing greenery, the tree portion of the Birdwatching clock is covered in a natural lichen that needs no maintenance whatsoever.


At the top of the hour the tiny bird emerges from the tree and chirps away letting you know another 60 minutes of your life has disappeared—except at night thanks to a built-in light sensor that keeps the $620 clock quiet when it's dark out. But nightfall doesn't deter those tiny bird watchers, they stay devoted to their cause 24/7. [Progetti via Fancy]

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