The Boob Luge, You Know, For Drinking

Illustration for article titled The Boob Luge, You Know, For Drinking

In the words of a Boob Luge ad: "Just fill the breast mold with water, and in two days, you will have two rock hard boobs waiting to be filled with an alcoholic beverage of your choice!"

In case the prospect of two "rock hard" breasts pouring ice cold liquor into your mouth isn't enticing enough, the pitch gets even better: "You can even spice up your Boob Ice Luge by adding LED Pucks..."


In case your frat is interested in a Boob Luge to call its own, the ice molds are available now for $25 a pop, or roughly $12.50 a boob. [DrinkingStuff via NerdApproved]

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I know Freud spoke of penis envy (which, btw, is total bs), but judging from the fascination for them I see at Giz, I think he should have touched on breast envy.